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Real Life Reviews

"I love these programs! I didn't workout for a few months and lost all muscle and endurance. I gained both back in the shortest time I've ever experienced!"
-Sonnie, Utah

"This program‬ is for real. The workouts are tough but pretty quick to get through and ‪Krissy explains the purpose for everything we do. Most importantly my balance was better and my legs never get weak on me anymore."
-Regulator Rose, California

RDTC is a fantastic program. I love the quick but high intensity workouts, they are easy to schedule into your day.  It's customizable to your current level of fitness and provides consistent benchmarks so you can see your progress. The app is very user friendly, and all the other athletes in the Facebook group are supportive and encouraging.  The program has increased my strength and endurance but most of all I've made huge gains in confidence. So far I love everything about it, it challenges me but doesn't push me so far out of my comfort zone that it seems unattainable.
-Nicole, Ontario

"The biggest thing I have noticed about RDTC so far is how it has kept me motivated. I've tried programs before and had a tendency to quit if I missed a session because I felt so bad. However this hasn't happened with RDTC, I have missed a few session but I feel able to keep going. I think it's because of the supportive derby community that they program has behind it. Also I have noticed the muscles on the tops of my thighs are actually defined now, as in you can tell where the muscle is - never in my life have my legs looked that way! I have always struggled with the way my body looks, particularly my thighs but since joining derby I've been more accepting of them - but now, now I dare say I'm actually proud of the way my legs look. Bring on summer!!!"
-Alex, NY

"Krissy's program and regained my momentum. It has helped with my balance, stability and form. She is an amazing coach. It's not just a program you log in and do the work and that is it. Krissy is constantly in touch with you either on the private page or personally. You have team mates to cheer you on and support you.  It has brought back my love for fitness and will to improve. Thank you Krissy!!"
-​Nicc Vicious​, FL

"I definitely didn't think that strength conditioning was something that I could do. Since starting, that has been proven wrong. I love the RDTC and have already seen results in my body that I didn't know were possible. The RDTC is for those that do Roller Derby, and those who don't!" -Jacob, CA 

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