Who is Krissy Krash?


Hi, I'm Krissy Krash :-)

I am a former 

  • fast-food eater
  • bartender
  • smoker
  • low energy
  • negative thinking
  • constant dieter 

Over the last 10 years I have turned into an

  • athlete
  • nutrition coach
  • personal trainer 
  • inspirer
  • roller derby all star
  • roller derby coach
  • spartan racer 
  • marathon runner 
  • bikini competitor
  • healthy eater
  • all around lover of life. 

It is my mission to help you get the real results you want. APPLY NOW 


Once upon a time...

In a land far far away called Los Angeles, I discovered the magically brutal sport of roller derby. It was the year 2007. 

This unfit, smoker, drinker, party girl (thats me) decided to take on roller derby with full force. By 2009 I was an all-star playing for the LA Derby Dolls. I even landed myself a role in that roller derby Movie Whip It (Manson Sister..whats up).

In 2009 I started teaching roller derby players how to not just play derby but how to actually be a roller derby ATHLETE. 

It started when I realized that practice wasn't enough. I needed to cross train and eat right if I wanted to stay in derby for the long haul. After making some small and sustainable changes, I felt better, more energized, leaner, and fitter. Simple things that changed my life and my performance. I then committed my life to helping others learn how to do the same thing.

I went on to compete in WFTDA Championships with Angel City Derby Girls before stepping back from competition to focus on helping other people unleash their full potential while pursuing other athletic endeavors of my own.

Over the years I have learned that how we do anything is how we do everything and that all the skills and know how of being fit and health for roller derby actually apply to everyone out here in the real world who wants to accomplish anything. 

Once we accept that we are not perfect beings and we begin to understand that perfection is actually not required for massive success, the whole game of life changes and becomes a lot more fun.

I am excited to help you change your game and your life (and even find your roller derby names!)



What I Provide

�Online  fitness training for all levels that helps skaters blow past plateaus in my Roller Derby Training Club app and Free Facebook community group. 

� Custom comprehensive nutrition and fitness plans for energy, recovery, weight loss or gain, athlete acne, and over all health. APPLY HERE 


�Coaching on goal setting, time management, developing an athlete mindset, destroying mental barriers.  LEARN MORE