CRUSH YOUR MST's With Confidence!

Use this 3 part series of on/off skates at home roller derby practices to FINALLY take your game to the next level! We understand that MST's can be frustrating to master. 

I remember when I failed passing mine because I couldn't plow stop and I had to watch all my derby friends graduate. I vowed to work even harder and make it happen. After that I went on to help my banked track team the LADD Tough Cookies win championships 3 years in a row. After that I moved into the flat track world and competed in WFTDA playoffs and champs with Angel City. So just know, if I could do it, YOU CAN TOO!


Lets do this!


Krissy Krash


Off Skates Fit Basics + On Skates MST Skill Work

In this session we will cover the following Minimum Skills Test Requirements:




Watch each quick video below then perform the workouts/drills described. Simply click on each drill/exercise to watch the video. I recommend you watch the video, do the movements then move onto the next video. Or feel free to watch them all, write it all out and then bust out that at home practice.  After the off skates workout, do 4 rounds of of 1 minute on/1 minute rest for each on skates drill.


1. Practice Overview

2. Off Skates Warm Up

3. Off Skates Workout

Complete 1 round of as many reps as possible for 45 seconds of each movement with 15 second rest in between. Write these numbers down! THEN complete 4-6 rounds of 45 seconds per movement with 15 seconds rest and try to match the same numbers from round 1!

4. Perform 4 Rounds of each drill. 1 Minute of work, 1 minute of rest. For single leg drills do 4 per side.

MST 2 Overview

MST 2 off skates Warm Up

MST Session 2 Backwards Skating

MST 2 Falls and Recovery Single Knee Drop, 4 Pt Falls Walkin

mst 2 Lateral hops

mst 2 jump the line

Check out this great video

MST 2 jump to the beat

MST 2 falls and recovery finisher

Check out this great video

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Since 2010 I have committed my life to helping skaters become athletes and I'm excited to help you elevate your game too.


Krissy Krash